The 2013 Cosmetic Regulations

We have created this page is to provide information and reassurance to our current and future craft and small scale manufacturing clients about the new rules that come into force in July 2013 - namely the new Cosmetics Products Regulations 1223/2009.

Industrial and Import clients should contact us directly for advice on the new regulations and how we can help to support them through the changes.

The following information applies to clients who buy or have bought our flexible assessment packages directly from the site and for those who are making CP / HP or liquid soaps and have assessments with us. 

Q. Should I be worried about the changes in 2013?
A. The short answer for our clients, is NO.  Please read the Q&As we have listed below - if you have any further questions, please just contact us.

Q. What will the changes mean for small scale producers?
A. Small scale producers have always had to comply with the cosmetics regulations in the same way as the major manufacturers - this remains the same after July 2013 and we will be supporting our clients then in the same way that we do now - explaining everything and making the whole process as simple as possible. The format of the safety assessment will change, but this is something that our clients don't need to worry about - we are fully aware of all new requirements and are working on their behalf already to meet the future rules.

Q. Will it become more expensive, complicated or difficult for small scale producers?
A. In fact, it will be more complicated and expensive for large scale producers, because usually their products are much more complex and will require significantly more input from the safety assessor. The amount of information required on the new reports is directly inline with the number of ingredients. Small scale producers generally make products with much fewer ingredients, so the work that the assessor needs to do will be much less than working with industrial formulations.

Q. What about flexible assessments?
A. For all of our clients who buy assessments online directly from the site we will be supplying top-up paperwork free of charge before the new rules come into force.
This paperwork will be in the form of   Reference  Cosmetic  Product  Safety  Report (CPSR) packages. Because of the way we decided to write our assessments from the very beginning, we are able to provide this for our clients and rather than seeing this as an opportunity to generate more income, we made the decision to do this free of charge.

Some flexible assessments currently sold by other suppliers contain many more ingredients than we include on ours - but these style of flexible assessments are actually too flexible to be adapted to the 2013 rules and unfortunately their clients will be left seeking new assessments after July 2013. Our assessments are designed to contain all the ingredients that we researched to be the most popular and useful - they have always represented quality rather than just sheer quantity.

Q. What is a Reference CPSR?
A. This is a document that you keep for your records in the same way that you do with your current assessments. It includes all of the information required by the new rules and will cover all ingredients (and combinations) currently included as standard in your flexible assessments.These will be provided free of charge and will meet the legal requirements that Trading Standards in the UK expect from small scale producers - no question. If a single product specific safety report is ever required (for example, if you have the opportunity to sell one or more of your products through a high street chain, or Department store and they would prefer this format) you would just email us your specific recipe - we then simply compile your report using the data we have on file for you and email it to you directly - we will do this free of charge or for a small admin fee.

Q.If I have flexible assessments from another provider. Can I ask you to create a specific safety report for me after 2013 using data you have on file?
A. Yes  - If your products contain ingredients that are included in our pakages we would be happy to supply the new cosmetic reports for your products at a much reduced fee - we are offering to do this to support all craft and small scale producers becasue we already have all of the ingredient data to hand. Please just send in your formulations and we will advise further.

Q. Is there any benefit to waiting until 2013 before I purchase assessments from your site?
A. Actually - no, none at all. We will be introducing the new Master CPSRs for sale online before July 2013 but if you buy your asessments now, you can start making and selling now - with the guarantee that you will get the new paperwork anyway before it is required.