NEW - Guidance document for product notification using the CPNP  can be found here

Some time ago, we joined forces with an experienced maker of natural cosmetics to come up with some formulating guidance and recipes for small scale producers - we hope you find these interesting and useful.

Recipes and Guidance Notes

NEW - We have created a simple to use lye calculator for solid, liquid and cream soaps - all information is contained on a single spreadsheet and you can calculate NaOH values for solid soaps, KOH values for liquid soaps and for cream soaps, KOH/NaOH values with the option to specify the ratio of each - the values are then calculated automatically for you. Water can be calculated as a % of oils, or as lye ratio (for more advanced soapers) - there is also a separate superfat discount option for each of the three categories of soap.

Lye calculator for solid, liquid and cream soaps

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