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Changes to permitted fragrance ingredients from

Fragrance Ingredients Ban 2019.

The fragrance components Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde (also known as lyral or HICC), atranol and chloroatranol (present in oakmoss (Evernia prunastri) and tree moss Evernia furfuracea extracts) are to be prohibited in all new cosmetic products as of August this year (2019).

Any new cosmetic product containing these ingredients may not be placed on the market in the EU after this time. Any existing cosmetics which contain any of these ingredients must also be removed from the market before 23 August 2021, a two year period from the ban coming into effect.

Put simply – this means that you can continue to use fragrances that contain these ingredients UNTIL 23rd August 2019 but not after that date. You then have 2 years to sell any stock you have that contain these substances.


It’s up to you as the responsible person to check the allergen statements for any commercial fragrance blends present in your cosmetics before the changes happen to find out whether these changes will affect you. It’s likely though that your fragrance suppliers will have taken this into account – this is certainly the case with the major fragrance producing companies in the UK – if they reformulate the fragrances, but keep the same names as they appear on your safety reports, you don’t need to request any changes although your product labels will need to be changed to reflect the new allergen content.

If the names / references are changed then this needs to be reflected in your report and you can contact us to discuss this.


If you are using essential oils, the only change may be to the use of Oak Moss, which is currently very limited and not in widespread use by our clients .

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