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#wetsoapwednesday #humpday

We have had an amazing response to our regular spotlight on you, our clients & your amazing creations. Check our Facebook page for more details & info on how to take part & have you & your business featured right here! It's really simple to join in, just look for the #humpday post & add your pictures to match the theme. 

Kirsty of Damn Fyne Soap holding her hand made safety assessed CP Soaps


Hi, I'm Kirsty, the founder of Damn Fyne Soap. It all began in 2008 when my child's eczema led me to explore natural remedies.

This sparked my passion for crafting skincare products with simple, plant-based ingredients that genuinely nourish the skin.

Our soaps embrace nature's wisdom, using familiar ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter for gentle care. With therapeutic scents from 100% essential oils, each soap offers a blissful experience.

Cold Process soap being poured into a mould during the making process


Sustainability is at our core. We prioritize ethical sourcing and biodegradable packaging, caring for both you and the environment.

Damn Fyne Soap represents my belief in the power of simplicity. We craft products without unnecessary ingredients, focusing on natural and plant-based elements that genuinely cleanse and nourish the skin.

Damn Fyne Soap - where nature meets gentle skincare.


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