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How do I apply for a cosmetic safety report?

Once you have decided to make your own cosmetics, the usual thing for you to do is to buy your ingredients and enjoy experimenting and making your products.

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What is a CPSR?

CPSR stands for Cosmetic Product Safety Reports. When we assess your products, you receive a Cosmetic Product Safety Report. (it's often referred to as an assessment document, a certificate or CPSR) It is this document that is required under the regulations to enable you to legally sell your cosmetic products* and it is written using your exact recipes.

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Do you still offer packages?

Yes, we offer great value package type assessment reports, for your own cosmetic, bath & body product recipes that share a bulk base but have different variants.  We also provide bespoke CPSRs for single product recipes, groups of similar products or a mixture of both. Whatever format works for you, we are happy to quote & do so always without obligation . We can happily review your recipes, feedback/quote & you then decide if  and when you want to proceed.

We are still offering the same excellent value as always, the more products and variants you send in for assessment, the more you save!

Guide to submitting recipes for your CPSRs

This is a basic guide to provide advice on how you would normally submit your recipes to us. If you aren't sure about something, please just explain in your own words when you submit your recipes. If we need to get back to you to clarify anything, we are happy to do so, no problem.

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Do I need to send samples?

The Cosmetic Product Safety Report is a research based process and we do not generally require samples of your product - just your formulation. In some cases, for more complex products like emulsions, you will be advised to send samples for microbiological analysis to ensure that your preservative system is working. If this is the case we can recommend a laboratory to do this and explain everything that is required.

Will I fail the assessment?

We only agree to produce your report once we have checked your formulation. If there are any problems, we simply advise you of the changes that should be made. This part of the process is entirely free and without obligation. Once you have made these changes, we check again, and if all is OK to proceed, we quote and request payment. Unlike some other providers, we never charge a fee upfront and then tell you your formulation has failed.

Natural products for healing, pain relief and other conditions

We are frequently requested to certify natural products that potential clients have formulated using essential oils and other natural actives with a view to providing the following functions

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What are CI numbers and INCI?

When labelling cosmetics there is a standard system for ingredient names across the UK and EU. This is known as INCI - International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients.

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What is an IFRA statement?

Fragrances are often very complicated chemical mixtures and the exact formulation is usually strictly confidential. To enable fragrance manufacturers to keep their formulations secret, but still provide information about the safety of the ingredients, IFRA certificates are used.

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What else do I need to do to sell my products legally?

Product Labelling and other legal issues

In addition to having a valid product safety report, there are other legal obligations for those making cosmetics - even those operating from the home environment.

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How do I work out the shelf life of my products?

When you package and label your products, you will need to provide information on the shelf-life. There are several ways to do this, depending on the type of products you are making.

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