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Gift Cards

Cosmetic Safety Solutions Gift Cards


Gift Cards can be used as payment for items on our website or for bespoke CPSRs. Choose an amount, write a message & the gift card will be delivered by email to your chosen recipient. ...

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Treat your loved ones, friends & family or simply purchase for yourself.  A wonderfully unique idea for those thinking of getting their Cosmetic, Bath & Body products safety assessed and ready to sell, or those who would love to add one of our ready to buy CPSRs to their existing cosmetic product range.

Gift cards can be used at checkout on the website, or by email for bespoke safety assessment reports, and for full or part payment.

Flexible and thoughtful, you can choose from the set amounts shown or simply enter your own amount.

Once ordered, the gift card will be emailed to the designated recipient. You can even choose when the email is sent.

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