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Clay Mask CPSR Update

Our latest CPSR enables you to easily create a range of luxury natural face masks to complement your own product range and brand. Face masks can be an ideal product for those wishing to offer products focussed on natural ingredients & low impact packaging and this assessment report offers you a range of 14 variants that can be marketed for three separate areas of use. Your customers can blend their cosmetic masks at home, with a choice of activating ingredients. See our product listing for more information.

We thought we'd update here as some of you have asked for ideas around appropriate wording for your marketing of the different types of mask that can be produced under this cosmetic safety assessment report.

As ever if you have any comments, do get in touch!

Clay Masks CPSR

Luxury Dry Mask Blends ~ description suggestions

Green clay 100g - aloe vera powder 2g - cucumber powder 20g

A gently luxurious combination of three lovely ingredients. Mildly astringent Cucumber works in tandem with luxurious Aloe & soothing green clay to help combat grime, reduce shine and improve appearance whilst leaving skin feeling clean & refreshed.

Pink clay 100g - rosehip powder 20g

Nutrient rich Rosehip powder packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, meets pampering pink clay to provide a deeply effective vitamin rich mask that will encourage healthy looking glowing skin.

Charcoal 100g - kaolin 70g

Pore deep cleansing from the Charcoal content of this mask is perfectly balanced with milder Kaolin for a mask that is a super effective cleanser and exfoliator yet gentle enough for regular use

Ghassoul 100g - colloidal oatmeal 40g

Magnesium and Potassium filled Ghassoul pairs perfectly with saponin rich Oatmeal to naturally deep cleanse & purify whilst delivering super enrichment of the skin for a refreshed appearance.

Kaolin 100g - Green Tea Powder 3g

Gentle Kaolin enhanced with vitamin E rich Green Tea Powder creates a nourishing and hydrating mask, the perfect combo to provide a pick me up for dry & over worked skin.

Red Clay 100g - Hibiscus 20g

Gorgeous Red Clay & Hibiscus combination to gently remove dead cells through exfoliation and naturally boost the skins appearance. Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants & nutrients making this mask a punchy and pretty powerhouse!

Buttermilk 100g & Cocoa 20g

Buttermilk & Cocoa truly feelgood combination with a beautiful aroma & indulgent appearance. Rich Buttermilk with its gently exfoliating & wonderfully moisturising properties is enhanced by the addition of Cocoa powder, naturally packed with Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin E and K plus many of the B Vitamins.

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