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Welcome to our free recipes section for experienced CP soap makers. The formulations here were launched in the first half of 2020 and came about from a desire to assist our clients at a time of increasing demand for naturally anti-microbial products.  The soaps can be made for your own personal use and for that of your family and friends.

Designed For You

These recipes have been developed with our existing clients in mind and are for experienced CP soap makers only with knowledge of the correct use and handling of the ingredients required to make natural soaps. No method is included, and no liability will be accepted for the inappropriate use of this information.

Please Be Aware!

If you want to add the soaps to your product range for sale, or indeed donate soaps that you have made to charity, your community or to hospitals etc then that is fine, but you will need to purchase a CPSR to do so legally.  We can offer the CPSR assessment reports at a significant discount and these are available to purchase immediately in the shop.  

Help for Beginners

If you want to try your hand at making traditional cold process soap you should familiarise yourself with the use of Lye - we suggest initially researching on You Tube and reading up on CP Soap making generally.

Fruit Soaps Image 1.png

Tutti Fruity Fresh Fruit CP Soaps

Fruit Soap Recipes

This recipe has been developed by Scott and his colleagues, using both fresh and frozen readily available fruits with a CP soap base that uses common base oils and butters but does not contain Palm Oil.

Soap and Herbs

Cold Process Natural Salt Bar Soaps

Salt Soap Recipes

A lovely recipe that uses a range of clays and a high percentage of Salt. These type of soaps can be challenging to make but this recipe produces a gorgeous rich and creamy bar.

Natural Soap and Flowers

Anti Microbial Cold Process Soap

Lavender & Tea Tree

A lovely recipe and a personal favourite of Scott's that provides a rich creamy lather and the natural anti microbial action of all soap but also has the added enrichment of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils.


Anti Microbial Liquid Soap with Tea Tree and Lavender

Liquid Soaps

A fantastic liquid soap recipe - using Potassium Hydroxide to create a wonderful shimmery liquid soap using the same oils and butters as the Anti Micro CP soap but with a little Shea and Glycerine added.


Christmas & Seasonal CP recipes add on

Christmas Soaps

This is a set of variant recipes to be used with the Anti Microbial CP soap recipe as a base. Make an assortment of wonderfully aromatic seasonal soaps using an array of natural spices, oils, butters and essential oils