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White Label (Pre-Certified) Serums

For our customers who make their own products and would like to add a luxury serum/moisturiser to their range without the expense of product development & lab testing we have the perfect solution! A choice of two emulsion based serums that have been developed by Scott with his clients in mind; both are wonderfully light & superbly moisturising adaptable formulations that can be marketed in many ways. For UK based clients, all you need to do is package & label using your own brand then simply send us photos of your packaging, a copy of your label & we will add the product to the UK Portal for you. Note that we remain RP and so you will need to follow the instructions here for your label detail.  For non UK clients, you will need to register the product with the CPNP in the usual way.

For those of you wanting to create a fragranced lotion range, or an infant product using our base, visit our Shop for CPRSs in your name

Serum Features & Benefits

These serums were formulated as a luxury product.  It is a silky emulsion with the texture of a rich but pumpable moisturising cream. We provided our manufacturer with a list of key natural and luxury ingredients, the type we would expect our clients would use if they were making this type of product, but with a few unusual added extras. They came up with a final formulation for us and it is fair to say that we are delighted!


Key ingredients for both serums are:

  • Sweet Almond oil

  • Shea butter

  • Avocado oil

  • Rosehip oil

  • Macadamia Seed oil 

  • Vitamin E

Also included is an emulsion stabiliser based on innovative olive oil technology which gives a rich, gliding feel to the product and perfect skin feel. Easily absorbed and completely non greasy, in terms of a finished product, this is up there with the best of any high end moisturising serum/ facial cream that we have ever seen. In terms of being a potential cosmetic base it is unique and provides the opportunity for innovative new premium product ranges with excellent profit margins.

 Our H&HC Serum Contains


Extracts of Hawthorn and Horse Chestnut demonstrate a remarkable series of functional skincare properties - especially in the context of natural anti-ageing and antioxidant functionality.


Our C&C Serum Contains


Extracts of Calendula and Chamomile are the "go to" formulator's ingredients for gentle yet effective skincare - sensitive skin, babies and infants - our C&C serum is perfect.

Quantity and Pricing

We package in 2.5 litre containers, providing a useful dispenser with every first order.


There is no minimum order 

The price per 2.5 litre container is £68 including VAT.  


Postage and Packing

P&P is currently £10 inc vat, per UK mainland delivery regardless of the number of units ordered.

Please contact us if you are outside of the UK to discuss purchasing



Our Serums

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