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Applying for a Cosmetic Product Safety Report

You've been making cosmetic bath & body products as a hobby, perhaps experimenting with ingredients, perfecting formulations and having a lot of fun!

Now you have a vision of getting those products out there, selling to the general public, not just gifting the ever growing surplus to family. You've got great products, you know the recipes work and you're excited to begin!


So how do you make that happen and figure out what to do to stay compliant with all of the applicable legislation?


Next steps

Initially all you need do is send your formulation/s to us by email. 


We then check your recipes for you free of charge, provide feedback on compliance and a quote without obligation on your part at all. At this stage, we can ask for any supporting data needed so don't worry about sending anything other than the recipes at first.  We can quote for one simple recipe or many complex formulations. You are in control of what you proceed with and when. No payment is needed until you decide you want to go ahead.  is the email address to use for submitting your formulations but if you need assistance please call or chat.


If you wish to proceed when you've received your quote, we provide a secure payment invoice with plenty of payment options such as bank transfer, credit / debit card, PayPal and payment plans depending on your location.  After receipt of payment, your CPSR is written & emailed to you as a secured PDF when complete. Standard turnaround is 1 week from payment but we also offer an Express 1 day service.


We have built our reputation on supporting our clients throughout their business adventures, so if you have questions at any stage of the process, please ask. This also applies to any future questions you might have once we have written and sent your reports. 


As well as completing your CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) we also provide, completely free of charge, comprehensive guides to labelling, example GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and PIF (Product Information File) documents to assist you in managing your obligations as Responsible Person.  And of course our ongoing support even after you have received your completed assessment reports.


Our dedicated members' area provides additional resources to bolster your success. Inside, you'll find downloadable guides on utilising the UK SCPN Portal effectively and a comprehensive allergen calculator. To access that all you need do is create a login for our site. We are committed to supporting you at every step, ensuring that you not only meet the regulatory requirements but excel in all facets of your cosmetic business.


Click below to view our guide to the information that we need to see to quote.

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