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What else do I need to do to sell my products legally?

In addition to having a valid Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) there are other legal obligations for those making cosmetics, even those operating from the home environment. These include as a minimum

  • Correct product labelling, compliant with legislation 

  • Adhering to Good Manufacturing Practice (Making products with care and attention in a clean and safe working environment) and creating a GMP document that details how you apply GMP to your own situation.

  • Keeping a compliant Product Information File (PIF) 

  • Product Notification on the correct UK or EU Portal


Once you have received your product safety report, we do not leave you to deal with these issues yourself. We are very happy to provide free, user friendly guides (written in plain English with no jargon) to enable you to do everything required to sell your products legally.


You will need appropriate business insurance

You can find the EU CPNP here

The UK SCPN Portal is here 

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