Natural Cosmetic Materials

50% Discount?

Package Type CPSR Offer!

Did You Know...?

If you are submitting recipes for our package type report, you can get a 50% discount on your second set of 8 variants when using the same base.

When you buy a package type report using one bulk base/product type and with between 9 and 16 variants, the first set of 8 variants is full price but we will provide the second set of 8 variants at half price when bought at the same time.

Basic UK pricing is from £180 for a package type report so that means from just £270 inc. vat you could have 16 different variants. Outside of the UK no VAT applies with prices from GBP190/285 for 16 variants. We always quote without obligation.

What works for a package type report?

  • A single bulk base, basically an un fragranced version of one product type. (If you want to be able to sell that, tell us on your submission, it's not counted as a variant)

  • Up to 10 ingredients in that base as standard*

  • Up to 8 variants with a 50% discount on the next 8

  • Up to 5 different ingredients in each of the variants as standard

  • One area of use**



*These are the number of ingredients that you can have within standard pricing. You can have more of course; we will quote as appropriate.

**You may be able to have more, we will quote as appropriate

Remember that we assess a wide range of products and need to see your recipes to advise accurately and appropriately for your product type, formulation, and use

Examples of What we Assess


Melt and Pour soaps


Body Butters, balms and oils


Bath melts and oils (including foaming and dispersible)


Facial products – serums, oils, creams, toners, cleansers


Foaming bath butter


Nail products


CP and HP Soaps, Shampoos, shaving bars and Liquid soaps


Lip Balms and scrubs


Cosmetic emulsions – creams and lotions (body, face, hands, feet)


Beard products – oils, balms, waxes


Body Scrubs (including facial scrubs)


Mineral make-up


Liquid Soaps, bubble baths, shampoos using cosmetic bases


Bath bombs, Teas, Salts and Creamers


Hair products – oils, masks, shampoos and conditioners


Shower gels and bath foams


Face masks