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50% Discount?

Pink Soap

Multi Variant Package Report Offer

Submitting recipes for our package report? Great! Get a 50% discount for your 2nd set of 8 variants when using the same base!

When you buy a package type report using one bulk base/product type and with between 9 and 16 variants, the first set of 8 variants is full price but the second set of 8 variants is just half price when bought at the same time.

Basic UK pricing is from £180 for a package type report which means from £270 inc. vat you can have 16 different variants. For EU based clients no VAT applies & prices range from GBP190/285 for 8/16 variants.

What works for a package type report?

  • A single bulk base, basically an un fragranced version of one product type. (If you want to be able to sell that, tell us on your submission, it's not counted as a variant)

  • Up to 10 ingredients in that base as standard*

  • Up to 8 variants with a 50% discount on the next 8

  • Up to 5 different ingredients in each of the variants as standard

  • One area of use**


*These are the number of ingredients that you can have within standard pricing. You can have more of course; we will quote as appropriate.

**You may be able to have more, we will quote as appropriate

We assess a wide range of products & need to see your recipes to accurately feedback & quote entirely without obligation. Package CPSRs are great value for a wide range of common bath, body & skin care products. However, we specialise in bespoke cosmetic safety assessments for all types of cosmetics so please just ask if your formulations don't fit the package format as we will be able to help you find an equally cost effective solution that meets your needs.

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