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We produce Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR) for small-scale, craft and medium to large volume clients. Our service is completely confidential, supportive and cost effective. 


We provide free reviews, feedback and quotes for all categories of cosmetic assessment without obligation and offer competitively priced bespoke CPSRs . A range of instant purchase CPSRs can also be found in our website shop, expertly created to enable you to expand your range easily & quickly.

Please do feel free to email us if you have any questions at all. When you are ready to get a quote for cosmetic safety assessment, simply email your formulations and we will be happy to help. Message us on chat if you have questions, or check our FAQ page

When you have your quote, you decide whether you want to proceed. We have a wide range of payment options to suit everyone.

Download our CPSR package form if you'd like a quote without obligation!

Get your CPSR for Melt & Pour soaps made with fragrance oils or essential oils

Body Butters, anhydrous balms and oils, emulsified water & oil balms and moisturisers

Bath melts and oils, including foaming  and fizzing melts and dispersible oils

Facial serums, emulsion based products, natural oil based serums

Foaming bath butter, foaming scrubs, whipped soaps, shower whip

Nail products, nail polish, nail powders and glitters

Cold Process Soaps, Traditional solid and liquid soaps we can assess them all

Uk & EU testing for Lip Balms , Lip butters, Lip oils & scrubs & all kinds of Vegan Lip products

Cosmetic emulsions safety reports, lotions for the body, face, hands, & feet assessed

Beard oils, balms, waxes and shampoos. Shaving oils, balms and soaps

Body, face, hand and foot Scrubs, exfoliating washes, cleansing grains

Mineral make-up, eye shadow, highlighters, blush powder, foundation, bronzers

Certify your creations made using cosmetic base products & sell under your own brand

Bath bombs, Essential oil bath Teas, Fragranced Bath Salts, assessments for all soaks

Hair products including oils, masks, shampoos and conditioners, syndet shampoos too

Shower gels, bath gels, bath oils and bath foams. Jellies for bathing

Face masks, cleanser, foaming cleansers, hot cloth cleanser, hydrolats, floral waters, toners

Fragrancing products, solid perfume, alcohol based EDP & EDT

Examples of What we Assess

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