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Test Tubes

We produce Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR) for small-scale, craft and medium to large volume clients. Our service is completely confidential, supportive and cost effective. 


We provide completely free confidential reviews, feedback & quotations for bespoke assessment reports based on your formulations for all types of cosmetic, bath & body products without any obligation on your part to proceed. If you need a CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Report) for your formulations, or for a product that you buy or have made for you to sell, then get in touch today.


We can assess

  • Single recipes from very simple to complex

  • Single Ingredient products like base oils sold for cosmetic use

  • Products with a base and variants like soaps in different aromas

  • Imported products 

  • Products manufactured for you

  • Cosmetic base products you buy and add ingredients to customise

In fact, any compliant cosmetic product. Our service is swift, typically 1 week from payment with 24 hour Express available, confidential and supportive beyond production of the CPSR.

A range of instant purchase CPSRs can also be found in our website shop, expertly created to enable you to expand your range easily & quickly using our tried and tested recipes and your own ingredients from suppliers of your choice.  In addition, you will find two premium products that you can sell immediately with included assessment reports, or customise and purchase CPSRs for at preferential pricing.

Please do feel free to email us if you have any questions at all. When you are ready to get a quote for cosmetic safety assessment, simply email your formulations and we will be happy to help. Message us on chat if you have questions, or check our FAQ page

When you have your quote, you decide if and when you want to proceed.  We have a wide range of payment options to suit everyone.

Simply follow the guide below to send in your recipes or download our CPSR package form if you prefer. Let's get your products out there!

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