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Products for healing, pain relief & other conditions

Healing Pain relief and other conditions


We are frequently requested to certify natural products that potential clients have formulated using essential oils and other natural actives with a view to providing the following functions -

  • Pain relief - for example joint rubs and salves, headache temple balms

  • Healing - balms and salves described as being suitable to help the healing process after injury or due to diseases or post tattoo

  • Specific products marketed to treat or cure specific medical conditions such as eczema and psoriasis


Most of our clients are surprised to know that these are actually NOT cosmetic products, and as such we are unable to certify as they do not provide an actual cosmetic function (for example - moisturise, soften, protect, clean, fragrance, improve the appearance of skin and hair ARE cosmetic functions and are fine).


We aim to protect our clients by advising that these types of products may be classed as medicines and that any therapeutic claim may result in the product being classed as a medicine and subject to regulation and intervention from the appropriate agencies.


If you wish to make this type of product we advise that you contact the MHRA for further advice

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