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What is a CPSR?

CPSR is an abbreviation for Cosmetic Product Safety Report

When we assess your products, you receive a Cosmetic Product Safety Report.  Sometimes you will hear that document referred to as an assessment report or as a certificate. The process of obtaining the CPSR is usually known as assessment.

The CPSR forms part of the required PIF (Product Information File) that must be held for all cosmetic products. We provide example PIF documents as part of our service to clients.

The content of the document

There is no set format for how the CPSR must appear but it must follow the minimum requirements detailed in Annex I to the UK and the EU Cosmetics Regulations under each of the headings, Part A and Part B.

PART A – Cosmetic product safety information

1. Quantitative and qualitative composition of the product

2. Physical/chemical characteristics and stability of the cosmetic product

3. Microbiological quality

4. Impurities, traces, information about the packaging material

5. Normal and reasonably foreseeable use

6. Exposure to the cosmetic product

7. Exposure to the substances

8. Toxicological profile of the substances

9. Undesirable effects and serious undesirable effects

10. Information on the cosmetic product

PART B – Cosmetic product safety assessment


1. Assessment conclusion


2. Labelled warnings and instructions of use


3. Reasoning


4. Assessor’s credentials and approval of part B

Supporting you with your responsibilities

As a seller, your obligations extend beyond product sales. The Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) is not only a requirement but is also central to every aspect of your responsibilities. It serves as a cornerstone for compliance, and we, as your partners, are here to guide you through this critical process.


Beyond the CPSR, you will need to ensure that your record keeping and labelling are compliant. We offer a wealth of ongoing support, even after you have received your CPSR.


Our free, comprehensive guides cover compliant labelling, Good Manufacturing Practice, Product Information Files and more, ensuring that you can confidently and legally sell your products.


Moreover, our dedicated members' area provides additional resources to bolster your success. Inside, you'll find downloadable guides on utilising the UK SCPN Portal effectively and a comprehensive allergen calculator along with example documents & guides that you can access at any time. We are committed to supporting you at every step, ensuring that you not only meet the regulatory requirements but excel in all facets of your cosmetic business.

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