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Syndet Shampoo CPSR

Look at these photos of Shampoo bars made using our Syndet Shampoo CPSR

The lovely Alex gave us permission to use these after she made some test batches recently. How utterly gorgeous do they look?

Syndet shampoo bars have continued to grow in popularity with a wide cross section of the public, for all of the right reasons. Your clients will appreciate their versatility and ease of use, not to mention the opportunity to use a salon standard product that is plastic free!

So what does Syndet mean?

Syndet is a combination of two words, synthetic & detergent. Now don't run away! All bottled shampoos will contain synthetic detergents & such ingredients have come a long way in recent years. You can source palm free, gentle & "green" surfactant ingredients. The reason we use the description Syndet is predominantly to distinguish between this type of solid bar and natural soap based products that you typically need to transition to using.

Why not add the Cosmetic Product Safety Report for this fabulous Solid Shampoo range your portfolio today?

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